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Energy Excelerator Project Winners, 2014 Cohort Announced

Back in November, the US military announced that it would be putting more than $30 million into Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator, a small business incubator that exists help energy startups “navigate” the perilous business waters of Hawaii and the Asia Pacific regions while encouraging the sharing of know-how, technology, and strategies between the companies. Last week, […]

November 23rd

US Navy Funds Energy Excelerator Projects in Hawaii

The US Navy recently announced that it would be putting more than $30 million into Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator green energy projects, which help energy startups “navigate” Hawaii and the Asia Pacific region and encourage sharing of know-how, technology, and strategies among clean energy startups. The investment comes as part of a larger US military initiative […]

September 9th

What Economic Downturn? Bentley is Building an SUV

Remember those years before 2008, when all the cool kids drove around in jacked-up 4×4 Hummers?  The boys at British luxury brand Bentley sure do, and (in the spirit of sincere, environmental responsibility) they’ve confirmed to Auto Motor und Sport that they’re cooking up a new, massively expensive, 3 ton (!) SUV. Why, you ask? […]

July 17th

4th of July (Should Be) End Dependence Day

Electric carmaker Coda released a new video, cleverly titled “End Dependence Day”, just in time for the 4th of July! Of course, Gas 2.0 has been covering a world that is coming to terms with its oil addiction – with its oil dependence – since 2007, so the ideas put forward in Coda’s video are […]

July 4th

How Big is a Small Car?

Yes, Virginia, that is a Chevy Aveo looking every bit as big as a 2nd-gen Chevy S-10 pickup.  My, my. I snapped the picture a few months ago, and had intended to use it as a comparison shot between the Aveo and its replacement, the Chevy Sonic.  Sadly, I forgot all about the snapshot until […]

June 5th

USPS Report Says Total Collapse is Imminent (Yay?)

The United States Postal Service is headed off a cliff, and – according to the US Government Accountability Office – few are even giving its demise a second thought. That’s the same USPS, by the way, that was once a great source of national pride, that united America’s coasts and transmitted vital information at incredible speeds, […]

May 29th

Want to Improve National Security? Ride a Scooter.

It is telling of my age, perhaps, that I had originally thought to begin this article with a reference to “Voodoo Economics.”  Even so, there is very little voodoo in the idea that reducing America’s foreign oil dependence/addiction is a good thing.  It’s such a good idea, in fact, and so integral to “national security […]

April 25th

Trevor Bayne Wins Daytona … on E15

Yesterday’s Daytona 500 NASCAR race was a historic event in more ways that one.  For starters, it was the first time since the event’s inaugural running  that a first-time entrant had won, Trevor Bayne became the youngest NASCAR/Daytona race winner in the sport’s history, and it was the first Daytona 500 to feature cars fueled by E15. […]

February 22nd