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Level 5 Autonomous Cars Are A Decade Or More Away

We hear a lot about autonomous cars these days as car makers around the globe race to get them into production. The belief is that autonomous cars will slash the number of car accidents, leading to much lower rates of death and injury. Another advantage planners foresee is a large increase in car sharing networks. […]

October 10th

Further With Ford 2016- Disrupt Yourself

We’re honored to have been invited to cover this event again, as it’s delightful to peek behind the curtain, and be treated to such a lavish trip. The most exciting news from Ford is that they’re taking IDEO’s advice to prototype early and often. They’re launching a variety of projects (not vehicles) all aimed at making it easier for people to get from point A to B, regardless of who owns the vehicle, or even what type of vehicle it is.

September 16th

Ford Exec Says Regulations Could Make Future Cars Too Expensive

Jim Farley, who is the head of European operations at Ford, says that the regulations imposed by the European Union on vehicle emissions will make future cars so expensive that ordinary people will no longer be able to afford them. The car business will become an “elitist industry,” Farley tells the Financial Times (subscription required).

June 9th