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Ford Fusion Hybrid, Energi Shed $900 Off MSRP

Originally posted on CleanTechnica Low gas prices may not have hurt plug-in car sales much, but traditional hybrids have been feeling the pinch as consumers go for sportier sedans or even SUVs. Some automakers have yet to come up with a response, but for the Blue Oval the next move is clear. The price of […]

February 20th

NASCAR COO Drives A Ford Fusion Energi

In the world of 800 horsepower gas-guzzling race cars, one wouldn’t expect to see too many hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles. But NASCAR has made great strides to embrace alternative drivetrains and fuels in recent years, and one of their chief executives has even gone so far as to buy a Ford Fusion Energi plug-in […]

August 11th

Ford Focus Energi With $27,000 Price In The Works?

Ford hybrid sales have exploded over the past year as the Blue Oval added several electrified models to its lineup. Leading Ford’s hybrid charge was the Ford Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi, two plug-in hybrids that could soon be joined by a third model, the Focus Energi, which will offer a longer electric driving range and a lower price.

January 21st

Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid Revealed

Depending on whom you ask, automated cars are either right around the corner, or still decades away. Elon Musk says a 90% autonomous Tesla will be on the market by 2017, while other automakers are aiming for closer to 2020. Ford thinks automated vehicles need to be introduced in steps, and the first step is […]

December 13th

Stop-Start Coming To Most Ford Models

Ford is committed to efficient gas engines with its EcoBoost line of motors, but the motors are going to need some help to meet fuel economy mandates. Ford is preparing to roll out stop-start engine shutoff systems on most of its newer models, saying the technology can save drivers as much as $1,000 over five […]

November 25th