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Ford Fusion Hybrid, Energi Shed $900 Off MSRP

Originally posted on CleanTechnica Low gas prices may not have hurt plug-in car sales much, but traditional hybrids have been feeling the pinch as consumers go for sportier sedans or even SUVs. Some automakers have yet to come up with a response, but for the Blue Oval the next move is clear. The price of […]

February 20th

Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid Revealed

Depending on whom you ask, automated cars are either right around the corner, or still decades away. Elon Musk says a 90% autonomous Tesla will be on the market by 2017, while other automakers are aiming for closer to 2020. Ford thinks automated vehicles need to be introduced in steps, and the first step is […]

December 13th

Electric And Hybrid Car Sales Continue To Climb In 2013

With more hybrid cars on the market than ever, it should come as no surprise that sales of hybrid vehicles continue to grow month after month. 2013 could prove to be a watershed year for hybrid cars though, with sales of both pure electric and hybrid vehicles putting on strong showings in an increasingly competitive car market.

July 14th

Ford Says EPA May Revise Hybrid Efficiency Test Methods

Ford received a lot negative attention and a federal class action lawsuit for advertising their new C-MAX hybrid and the Fusion hybrid’s 47 MPG efficiency. It all came to a head after Consumer Reports stated that the fuel efficiency ratings obtained from their own test results were 17% and 21% lower than the EPA fuel efficiency that Ford claimed. This backlash could lead to new hybrid vehicle testing methods from the EPA.

January 23rd

Fuel Efficient Cars Finally Get Sexy Calender Women

I love cars, nearly as much as I love women, and for as long as men have worked on cars, they have convinced pretty young things to pose with them. Typically though, women have tended to pose with performance vehicles, from muscle cars to Lamborghinis. These days though, the “hot” thing is fuel efficiency…and Pump […]

November 22nd