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Top 3 Graphs That Prove Ethanol Does NOT Raise Food Prices

Just about every time we write a post about ethanol- be it about a 2000 hp ethanol-fueled hypercar that makes 400% more power than the gas version but still gets the same MPG or about the US military switching its mobile units to biofuels– someone starts harping about ethanol raising food prices. Despite the fact […]

December 7th

Food Waste Could Create Hydrogen Fuel

The world of the 21st century faces some incredibly daunting challenges that, unless dealt with soon, may eventually reach the point of no return. Overpopulation, water shortages, and climate change is just some of the long list of problems facing the world. Researchers in the UK may have come up with a clever solution to […]

Big Week for Fossils, Big Bucks for Fossil Fuels

Earlier this week, new studies showed that the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex may have been about 30% more massive than scientists believed just one year ago … which makes recent findings from the Paris-based IEA more than a little auspicious (suspicious?), I think. What findings? I’m glad you asked (pretend you asked). It turns out that […]

October 15th

Algae-based Fuels Could Cut Foreign Oil Use by 17%

According to a team of researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, algea-based biofuels could replace up to 17 % of America’s petroleum imports each year, without a significant impact on fresh water use. The issue of where the water necessary to grow the algal components for the fuel is (arguably) the greatest singles source […]

April 22nd

Cleantechnica: Questions Surround GMO Algea Biofuel

We’ve covered some of the most recent advances in genetically modified bio-fuel sources here on Gas 2.0, and while all this exciting R&D might be regarded as revolutionary, Zachary Shahan – over on our award-winning sister site, Cleantechnica – reminds us that this sort of rapid progress also raises doubts among some about what the […]

April 6th

Landscaper to Fuel Truck Fleet with Own Biofuel Crop

A large Florida landscaping business has planted a 22-acre biomass crop at its nursery that will produce enough fuel to operate its fleet of 25 diesel trucks. Brian Shank, president of Clermont Scapes in Groveland, Florida, said he decided to plant a 22-acre plot of Jatropha in order to save money for his hurting business, […]

October 18th

Ethanol: Helping to Reduce our Reliance on Foreign Oil (Opinion)

Editor’s Note: This post was provided by one of our paid sponsors, the Ethanol Promotion Information Council (EPIC). EPIC is a nonprofit alliance of ethanol industry leaders who have come together to grow consumer demand for ethanol energy through targeted marketing. The Ethanol Promotion Information Council (EPIC) is working to get the word out that […]

September 24th

European Union Defends Biofuel Targets As Food Prices Soar

Despite intense debate surrounding the growing global food crises, the European Union today defended expanding the use of biofuels in all 27 member countries. Part of the EU’s climate change package, the current proposal sets a target of meeting 10% of transportation fuel with biofuels by 2020. As I reported last week, Europe’s EPA advised […]

April 14th

Biodiesel Myth (Or Fact?) #23: Biodiesel is Raising Food Prices

[social_buttons] Increased world demand for grains and vegetable oils due to population growth (esp. in China and India), the weak dollar, agricultural production problems around the world, and $100/barrel oil are some of the driving factors accounting for increasing food prices. After covering 22 of the most popular myths about biodiesel, I realized I’d only […]

April 11th

Popular Mechanics: Ethanol Bill Bad News

Congress and the president have spoken: ethanol is America’s new renewable fuel. Yesterday, President Bush signed into law energy bill H.R.6, which establishes a new renewable fuel standard in the United States (see Max’s earlier post). But not everyone is applauding Capitol Hill. James B. Meigs, editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics, has railed against ethanol in […]

December 20th