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Via's Electric Pickup Truck Factory Opens in Mexico

Via Motors EV Truck Manufacturing Plant Opened In Mexico (via EV Obsession) VIA Motors, makers of the VTRUX brand of extended-range plug-in trucks, just launched its first high-volume electric vehicle assembly plant this week, located in a new facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The facility — which is strategically placed…  

November 16th

Peterbilt Pushes CNG Trucks in Texas

Last week, over-the-road truck manufacturer Peterbilt showed off its new line of natural-gas-powered trucks to a select group of its dealers and influential (read: wealthy) fleet-owners at their “Natural Gas Leadership” event in Texas. The show-going crowd was able to investigate a variety of converted semis and learn about CNG refueling strategies and return on […]

March 3rd

AT&T Builds Towards 15000 CNG Trucks

This past Thursday, telecom giant AT&T re-committed to its stated goal of putting 15,000 CNG-powered vehicles into operation by 2018, reaching the milestone of 5000 commercial CNG vehicles in service a few weeks ago and putting 274 CNG trucks and vans into service in Connecticut alone (the photo, above, is of Congressman John Larson and […]

February 29th

CNG-Powered Semis Hit I-94

Andersen Windows‘ delivery trucks have hit the highways, and they’re being fueled by compressed natural gas that, the company believes, will save them over $25,000 per year at today’s gas prices. Per truck. More than enough, in other words, to make back the $40000 premium on CNG trucks compared to their conventional counterparts. At $5/gallon? […]

February 27th

ICTC to Build Natural Gas Corridor from UT to CA to NV (video)

A mainstream switch to non-petroleum fuels won’t be possible without the support of commercial fleets and over-the-road truck buyers, which account for a huge percentage of total miles driven. These truck fleets depend on a solid infrastructure in order to effectively schedule their job-critical operations, however, and (quite understandably) will hesitate to adopt any alternative […]

August 28th