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FedEx Electric Delivery Vans To Get Hydrogen Range Extenders

The commercial vehicle market stands to benefit the most from the adoption of cheap-to-operate electric vehicles, though range limitations also mean limited use for most delivery companies. Buoyed by a $3 million Federal grant, FedEx, Smith Electric Vehicles, and Plug Power are adding hydrogen-powered range extenders to 20 electric delivery vans for real world testing.

January 7th

GE Slowly But Surely Buying Hybrid Vehicles As Promised

Few companies have so vehemently and vocally supported hybrid and electric vehicles like General Electric. While it is obviously in the interest of GE, which produces charging stations and electrical components for electrified vehicles, GE made waves by pledging to replace half of its vehicle fleet with plug-in vehicles. Two years later, and that pledge is holding up, albeit at a slow, methodical pace.

November 26th

Smith Electric Reveals New EV Step Van For FedEx

One of the quiet success stories in the EV world has been Smith Electric. This company is slowly but surely signing on one big business after another, and Smith EV’s are becoming a more common sign in cities across the U.S. Ever charging forward, Smith has revealed a step-van version of its Newton electric van, […]

March 12th

Green News Roundup: Friday, December 16th, 2011

Finally, it’s Friday, which means we’re just a scant few hours from the wonderful weekend! With that in mind, here is this morning’s news round up. Some of today’s highlights include FedEx going electric in London, California considers stringent new emissions changes, and a beautiful home made from recycled cars. FedEx Testing Electric Nissan Vans […]

December 16th

USPS Report Says Total Collapse is Imminent (Yay?)

The United States Postal Service is headed off a cliff, and – according to the US Government Accountability Office – few are even giving its demise a second thought. That’s the same USPS, by the way, that was once a great source of national pride, that united America’s coasts and transmitted vital information at incredible speeds, […]

May 29th

UPS Testing High-MPG Composite Vans (video)

Many among the car industry’s “old-guard” kvetch and moan about government-mandated fuel economy goals that force mpg improvements of 10, 15, or 25% compared with current figures (I’m looking at you, “Maximum Bobby” Lutz – it wasn’t that long ago you claimed a 25% improvement was “ridiculous”).  UPS, it seems, took a long, hard look […]

May 29th

Corporate Vehicle Fleet Managers to Add EVs to Fleets

Fleet managers rated rising, volatile fuel prices as their top concern for 2011, over driver safety and cost savings, according to a survey conducted by General Electric Capital Fleet Services during the 2011 NAFA Institute and Expo. The survey shows that 28% of the 105 corporate fleet managers they questioned will introduce electric vehicles into […]

May 18th

Highways to the future

Ryder, DHL, and other major hauling companies are taking major steps to lower their petroleum fuel usage, opting to purchase fleets of fuel-efficient and alternative-energy trucks Truck leasing company Ryder has ordered over 200 natural gas powered trucks (in addition to its growing fleet of hybrid trucks) to add to its fleet in Southern California. […]

April 20th

FedEx Delving Into the World of Electric Cars. Chooses UK-Based Modec for Initial Order of 10 Delivery Vans

Adding to its green fleet of more than 170 hybrid electric delivery vans worldwide, FedEx has decided to try out fully electric vehicles as well with a small group of 10 London-based test trucks. [social_buttons] FedEx has ordered 10 purpose-built zero tailpipe emissions cargo vans from UK-based electric vehicle manufacturer Modec. The new electric trucks […]

December 12th