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Nebraska Farmers Build a Barn in the Path of Keystone Pipeline

“Farmers and ranchers in Nebraska didn’t ask to do business with TransCanada,” says the no-nonsense voice-over, “and TransCanada isn’t asking to do business with us.” That idea – that TransCanada is pushing their Keystone XL pipeline on them using political force – is the motivation behind a group of Nebraska farmers and ranchers. “They tried […]

October 7th

5 Common Ethanol Myths Exposed – as Crap!

Fact or Crap is a fairly popular board game that pitches itself as an “edgy” version of Trivial Pursuit.  If you like trivia and enjoy saying that something “is crap”, then, you’ll probably enjoy it … and – as regular readers have probably guessed by now – I love it!  So, when I saw the […]

July 2nd

US Scientists Make Car Parts and Biodiesel From Coconuts

[social_buttons] A team of researchers at Baylor University, Texas, have figured out a way to make car parts from coconuts, opening the door to the replacement of environmentally damaging plastic with an abundant, renewable resource. The team have also created biodiesel from coconut oil, and are confident the new fuel could be an economically viable […]

January 7th

Are Corn Ethanol Farm Subsidies Too Complex to Understand?

Several bits of news trickled out this week that, when put together, indicate great confusion even among experts about whether or not corn ethanol government subsidies are helping or hurting. [social_buttons] To start with, researchers at Iowa State University have found that, even though $1.3 billion was given to the corn ethanol farming industry in […]

October 24th

Biodiesel Alliance Requests Your Input on the Future of Biofuel Sustainability

The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA) is a non-profit organization created to promote cradle-to-grave biodiesel practices for verifying that all points in the production and distribution chain are sustainable. And now they want your input on what those sustainable practices and standards should be — they’ve released the first draft of their “Principles and Baseline Practices […]

August 20th

USDA Says Ethanol Accounts for Only 3% of Increased Cost of Food

On Monday, USDA officials met with reporters to discuss just how closely biofuels (specifically corn-based ethanol) are linked to the increasing price of food. Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer, who has vehemently defended biofuels before, had this to say: One theory that has been widely discussed in recent weeks is that the nation’s growing demand for […]

May 22nd

B100 Biodiesel Approved by Agricultural Giants Case IH, John Deere

If biodiesel suits any demographic best, it’s farmers. Biodiesel was designed as an emergency fuel, intended to keep farm equipment humming when military conflict cut off oil supplies. That being said, it’s taken a while for major engine manufacturers to endorse biodiesel blends higher than 20%. This month Case IH, a global leader in heavy-duty […]

December 18th