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Nissan Decides To End Battery Production

August 6th, 2016 | by Steve Hanley

Nissan has decided to sell its interest in the joint venture it forged with NEC a decade ago. In the future it will get the batteries for its electric and hybrid cars from outside suppliers.

March EV Sales Topped 60% In Norway

April 14th, 2016 | by Steve Hanley

EV sales in Norway were more than 60% of the new car market in Norway in March. Norway has some of the most aggressive EV incentives in the world as it works to make all new cars zero emissions by 2025.

Will Canada Embrace The Renault Twizy?

March 22nd, 2016 | by Steve Hanley

Canada has approved the Renault Twizy for sale as a low speed vehicle. Charging infrastructure company Azra has decided to sell the Twizy in the province of Ontario, which has recently announced a new package of EV incentives.

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