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Video: 43 Teslas Show Just How Quiet Racing Can Be

Auto racing has always been a much about the unfiltered sound of performance as the competition itself, but a new generation of electric cars delivers an entirely different experience. Behold how quiet a gathering of 43 Tesla Model S sedans can be as they race around Richmond International Raceway. Can this quiet take on classic motorsports bring racing back to the masses?

August 19th

Video: Nearly 20 Minutes Of EV Racing At Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak 2013 saw electric race cars come from every corner of the world to converge on a Colorado mountain top chasing what was once thought to be an impossible dream. This video features nearly 20 minutes of electric vehicles racing to the top of the mountain top, and if you love EVs and racing as much as me, you’ll want to get a coffee and sit down for this one.

eRoadRacing Qualifying Practice | Laguna Seca 2013

Tonight’s qualifying practice showed marked improvements for all eRoadRacing competitors, especially Electric Cowboy Racing’s Brandon Miller who gained 10 seconds over yesterday’s practice. Here are the timing sheets for your analysis. As you can see, the entire field improved dramatically. The sessions both went smoothly, with no crashes.

July 20th

Formula E Adds Bangkok Venue, Reveals Latest Race Car Design

For electric racing fans, there is no event more anticipated than the inaugural Formula E season, which kicks off next year. Several world-class cities have already been selected to host these contests of speed, and most of the schedule is already determined. This week though Bangkok was added as a host city, and Formula E also revealed what the Renault-designed race cars will look like.

Electric Motorcycles Race Against Gas For 8 Hours!

Come watch Gas2 author Susanna Schick (that’s me) and the rest of the Hollywood Electrics team take full advantage of the Zero XU’s swappable batteries as we take on the gas bikes in the 6th Annual M1GP 8 Hour Endurance race at Grangé Motor Circuit. Hollywood Electrics will be entering a 5 rider team fielding a Zero Motorcycle with an all-electric drive train. Team riders will include Nathan Barker, Jeff Clark, TTXGP racer Jeremiah Johnson, landspeed record holder Brandon Miller, and Susanna Schick. Brandon Miller is currently seventh in the overall points for M1GP, so this promises to be a strong team.

April 2nd

Dallara Building Official Chassis For Formula E Series

For electric car racing fans, the upcoming Formula E series is something worth getting excited about. With some of the biggest names in Formula One racing pledging to participate in this fledgling series, Formula E could be the series that gets young people excited about electric cars. With Italy’s Dallara Automobili now committed to building the official Formula E racing chassis, we can start visualizing the future of electric motorsports.

Video: Toyota TMG EV P002 Shaves 25 Seconds Off Nurburgring EV Record

The world of electric racing is revving up, and teams from around the globe are aiming to take their place among the champions of zero-emissions motorsports. Toyota has quickly assumed its place at the pinnacle of EV racing with the TMG EV P002, setting a lap record for electric cars at the famed Nurburgring.

Then this week they returned, and broke their own record by more than 25 seconds.

October 5th

Funding An Electric Motorcycle World Record

Things have been super crazy these past few days. I only recently found out that there was a class in the FIM/AMA record books just waiting for me and my electric motorcycle to break. I was going to wait until next year to go for the record when I found out about it. However, after sitting and thinking about it for a little while, the excitement just started to bubble up in me like fizz in can of soda punted across a school parking lot. I had to chase that record…but I need your help.

September 11th