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EV1 + Honda Insight = EV2, An Electric Car With A 400 Mile Range

John Wayland’s drag racing electric Datsun, White Zombie, has graced these pages many times before. But Wayland is currently undergoing a project of a different kind, sourcing parts from GM’s original electric car, the EV1, and swapping them into a Honda Insight hybrid. The resulting car Wayland calls the Silver Streak, could go as far as 400 miles on a single charge.

Video: Tesla Model S Beats Viper At Drag Strip, Sets EV Racing Record

Most electric vehicles are slow, practical affairs designed for a pedestrian life of going from point A to point B in a leisurely, efficient fashion. But not the Tesla Model S, a performance electric sedan that has the same acceleration as many supercars. Don’t believe us? Watch this video of a Model S sedan handily defeating a Dodge Viper SRT10 at the drag strip this past weekend.

January 29th

Video: “Big Daddy” Don Garlits Launches A 1,500 kW Electric Dragster

It has been a while since we had any electric drag racing news of note, so we were happy to stumble across this video of a drag racing legend launching a massively powerful electric dragster. The name “Big Daddy” Don Garlits might not mean much to you, but in the drag racing world he is royalty…and his support of EV dragsters is kind of a big deal.

January 7th