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Help Volkswagen Spend $2 Billion On Electric Car Infrastructure

Volkswagen has created a new website entitled Electrify America where people and institutions can make suggestions about how the first $400,000 it is required to invest in electric car infrastructure as part of the diesel cheating settlement reached with state and federal officials. The comment section closes January 16.

December 13th

First Long Distance Test | 2013 Zero FX

A month ago, I took delivery of a 2013 Zero FX. My first impressions are here. It’s been a wonderful month, even as I’ve had to work hard to keep The Smug from blinding everyone around me. Well, putting in an 80-mile day on Sunday was a great way to temper The Smug. If you aren’t familiar with The Smug, please take a moment and familiarize yourself here in South Park. Granted, that episode aired way back in 2006 when lowly hybrid drivers could think they were cool. Not so anymore, now that pure EV’s are becoming almost as ubiquitous, and Tesla is profitable.

May 13th

Video: Spanish Utility Company Hopes To Bring Wireless Fast-Charging To The Masses

Wireless inductive charging has already made an impact in the world of smartphone users, allowing effortless recharging by just placing your phone on a specially-made pad. Wireless charging could be a huge boon for electric vehicles, and a Spanish utility company has made a lot of headway in wireless fast charging that could refill an EV to 80% capacity in just 15 minutes.

January 2nd

Three Key Elements to ECOtality’s Electric Vehicle Project

-Above: the Nissan “Leaf” Electric Vehicle (learn more on the Nissan/eTEC partnership). With $99.8 million from the Federal Government, ECOtality is on a mission to make America plug-in ready. There’s been a tremendous flurry of activity in recent weeks with President Obama’s announcement of $2.4 billion in grants to accelerate the manufacturing and deployment of […]

August 26th

Henrik Fisker Debuts Karma Plug-in Hybrid in San Jose [+pictures / +audio]

Editor’s Note: This is a guest contribution by Richard Lowenthal, CEO of electric vehicle ChargePoint manufacturer Coulomb Technologies. See his last post here: Being Smart About Your Electric Vehicle Infrastructure. This is part of our ongoing series on EV Charging Infrastructure, which was initiated by Mayors Gavin Newsom and Sam Adams. Today at Santana Row, in the heart of Silicon Valley, The City of […]

Better Place: Shai Agassi on Gavin Newsom's Radio Show

If you missed the discussion last week, we had the Mayors of two major cities—San Francisco and Portland—weighing in on electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In the coming weeks, we’re looking forward to hearing from other cities about their plans for EV infrastructure, but we also wanted to make sure the private sector had a chance to chime […]

May 4th