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EV Drivers Prefer DC Fast Charger 12 to 1 Over L2

A new study by NRG’s EVgo division finds that EV drivers who use a public charger while away from home prefer a DC fast charger 12 to 1 over a Level 2 charger. According to Electric Car Reports, EVgo came to that conclusion after monitoring usage at its charging stations in the San Francisco area. […]

November 10th

“This Old House” Installs An EV Charger

Growing up the son of a contractor, there were two constants in my life; a never-ending series of home improvement projects, and watching reruns of “This Old House”. While Bob Vila hasn’t produced a new episode of “This Old House” in over 25 years, the show is still going strong online, where it has adapted […]

BMW Builds A Solar-powered Bamboo And Carbon Fiber Carport

So you’ve just dropped $135,000 on the brand new BMW i8 plug-in hybrid. Congratulations! But you’re not going to plug that into just any old charging port. Oh no, you need something classy, expensive, and of course, sustainable. What you need is this eco-friendly carport and recharging station, from BMW of course. Designed specifically to […]

Bosch Unveils $450 Home EV Charging Unit

Making the switch from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles is neither cheap nor easy, and one limiting factor has been the cost of home charging units. Even the cheapest units cost around $1,000 without installation costs factored in, but the new Powermax EV Charger from Bosch carries a price tag of just $450, and claims to recharged EVs twice as fast as older units.

GE Ditches Plans For 25,000 EVS And Hybrids By 2015

While General Electric has a vested interest in see electric and plug-in hybrid cars storm the car market, GE has apparently had a change of heart. The electronics and aviation giant announced that it was no longer seeking to replace much of its fleet with 25,000 hybrid and electric vehicles. Instead, GE will pursue other alt-fuel options, including CNG and propane.

January 10th

Video: Spanish Utility Company Hopes To Bring Wireless Fast-Charging To The Masses

Wireless inductive charging has already made an impact in the world of smartphone users, allowing effortless recharging by just placing your phone on a specially-made pad. Wireless charging could be a huge boon for electric vehicles, and a Spanish utility company has made a lot of headway in wireless fast charging that could refill an EV to 80% capacity in just 15 minutes.

January 2nd

Bizarre EV Charging Stations that Ate the Neighborhood

An Italian design firm already well-known (apparently) for its ¨futuristic octopus floor lamp¨ has outdone itself to create a solar-powered EV charging station that looks like a giant leaf. Available in various sizes, the upper surface of the ´leaf´ features an up to 2.8 kW solar array, LED streetlamp, and the options of a park […]

January 3rd

Green News Roundup: Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Less than 24 hours from now yours truly (joined by pinkyracer herself, Susanna Schick) will be trolling the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center to check out this year’s L.A. Auto Show. But that is tomorrow! Today, you want some news, right? Some of this morning’s highlights include KTM’s new electric motorcycle, a solar […]

November 15th