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EPA: Starting in 2014, Heavy-Duty Trucks Subject to Fuel-Efficiency Standards

In a nation suddenly concerned about squeezing as much mileage as we can out of our everyday consumer cars—and don’t get me wrong, we are correct in that goal—who’s paying attention to the big rigs?
The Federal government finally is, it turns out. For too long the large commercial trucks and buses have not been subject to the fuel-economy standards imposed on smaller vehicles, but that’s about to end with the imposition of new fuel economy standards on the larger vehicles starting in 2014.

August 22nd

EPA Streamlines Process for Alt-Fuel Conversion Manufacturers

I’ve done a lot of research into converting a car to CNG or propane, and its slim pickin’s for EPA-approved conversion kits. That’s about to change as the EPA is “streamlining” the process through which conversion kit manufacturers can certify their kits. Do-it-yourselfers and shadetree mechanics have been converting cars to run on CNG, propane, […]

Obama and Automakers Looking for Even Tougher Fuel Economy Regulations in 2025

Just about a month ago U.S. automakers, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency — working in coordination with the White House — adopted landmark regulations to relatively quickly raise the average new car fuel efficiency to 35 mpg by 2016. That process took a year to accomplish, but it represented […]

May 21st

UPS is First in Delivery Industry to Test Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles: 50% Better Fuel Economy and 40% Lower Emissions

In partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency, UPS will begin testing a small fleet of hydraulic hybrid delivery trucks in the United States. The new vehicles can achieve 50-70% better fuel economy, a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and pay for their extra expense in less than 3 years. [social_buttons] UPS will field […]

October 28th