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Video: $12,000 EcoV Could Be An EV For The Common Man

Cars, and their primary means of fuel, continue to get more and more expensive even as stagnant wages means less purchasing power for the average American. A Detroit-based startup called EcoV may have the solution; a $12,000 short-range electric van designed primarily for urban dwellers and businesses. But does it stand a chance against more-mainstream […]

November 12th

VW eT! Still Too Costly For Many Fleet Owners

In the midst of growing numbers of electric trucks and other commercial EVs, Volkswagen is in danger of falling behind. The problem many fleet owners (including, for example, the German post office) have is not with electric vehicles per se – since they’re being used within the city, the relatively short range many EVs have […]

March 27th

Smith Electric Reveals New EV Step Van For FedEx

One of the quiet success stories in the EV world has been Smith Electric. This company is slowly but surely signing on one big business after another, and Smith EV’s are becoming a more common sign in cities across the U.S. Ever charging forward, Smith has revealed a step-van version of its Newton electric van, […]

March 12th

Luxgen Electric Minivan Promises To “Think Ahead”

[social_buttons] Aside from lithium-ion batteries, cell phones and electric cars don’t have all that much in common. Or do they? A new luxury electric minivan from Luxgen, a Taiwanese company, was unveiled at the Dubai International Auto Show (irony?). It utilizes the same technology found in HTC smart phones to combine luxury, electric power, and […]

January 4th