Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Will Start At $25,000, BEFORE Tax Credits

Smart has big plans to increase car sales in the U.S., and it begins with offering the cheapest electric car on the market, the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, which will start at $25,000 before the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit. That means you could get behind the wheel of an EV for less than $18,000!

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Daimler Hopes Low-Cost Electric Smart Car Translates To Higher Sales

It is an open secret that Daimler-owned small car brand Smart is suffering from slow sales, especially here in America. With an influx of high-quality compact cars in the same price range as the Smart, consumers are avoiding the diminutive brand in favor of more mainstream car makers.

But Daimler has a plan to lure customers back, and it centers on offering the cheapest electric car on the market. But will that be enough?

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Smart ForStars Concept Brings Electric Drivetrain, Funky New Look

The Smart car brand has not seen a lot of sales success in the U.S. for a multitude of reasons not worth rehashing. But the latest concepts to come from the small car brand could change attitudes…if it is actually built. The Smart ForStars not only looks good, but utilizes an all-electric drivetrain from famed Mercedes tuner BRABUS.

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