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Upgraded BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Coming

I have just returned from Italy, where getting around on scooters is practically a national religion. They range from tiny (and tinny) 50 cc models suitable only for use in crowded urban environments on up to 650 cc offerings that can take on major highways. In general, scooters offer a lower riding position than traditional […]

September 21st

Friday Flashback: The Sinclair C5 Electric Scooter

Until recently, the auto industry hasn’t taken electric vehicles too seriously, and who can blame them? The technology simply had matured enough to allow for the kinds of vehicles consumers were used to, which meant some pretty major compromises had to be made. The Sinclair C5 electric scooter, released in 1985, was a compromised vehicle […]

Video: Electric Snow Scooter An Enjoyable Alternative To Snowmobiles

We’re just about halfway through the winter here in the U.S., and while some areas have been hammered by snow, so far New England has had a pretty dry winter. But in places where there is always snow on the ground, a snowmobile can be more practical (though just as expensive) as having a car to drive around. That is where the Govecs electric snow scooter comes in.

February 4th