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Fiat 500e Offered For $32,500, Leasing is $199 Per Month

The Fiat 500e electric vehicle can be purchased outright for $32,500, or leased for a minimum of $199 per month for 36 months with $999 down in the state of California. That is substantially lower than the Honda Fit EV which is leased for $389 per month, also for 36 months, making the Fiat 500e one of the most affordable electric vehicles on the market.

April 15th

LA Auto Show: Fiat 500E Debuts To Combat Global Warming, Start Global…Hotness?

Once again bringing overpowering sex appeal to the LA Auto Show as only Italians can, Fiat delivered some very steamy videos to promote their latest offerings. The 500c Cabriolet video was especially thrilling and tastefully done. The 500e video was charming, but between the woman being in the passenger seat, and the overdose of analogies to Viagra by the announcer, it could’ve been better. Yes, you want to make a sexy electric car. We get that. But Tesla and Fisker have already been doing so for years now. Oh, a sexy affordable electric car.

November 29th

Forklift + Fiat = Inexpensive, Practical Electric 500 (w/ video)

Generally speaking, electric versions of cars are more expensive. In some case (*ahem*, Smart) they’re almost laughably expensive. This little Karabag Fiat 500E, however, is not. Despite being built by an outside company that doesn’t have access to Fiat/Chrysler’s multi-billion dollar R&D departments with limited automotive experience, Karabag‘s little electric Fiat is actually cheaper than […]

May 6th