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12% Of New Car Sales In Norway Are EVs

For a country that buys so few new cars, Norway has been in the automotive news a lot lately. That’s because electric car sales have surged in the cold Scandinavian thanks to some serious tax credits and other benefits bestowed on EV drivers. Electric car sales now make up 12% of all new car sales, […]

December 5th

Stock Analyst Encourages Apple To Buy Tesla

Tech giant Apple has been mentioned in the same breath as electric automaker Tesla Motors time after time, and the similarities are easy to see. A German stock analyst is calling on Apple to buy Tesla Motors as a future-proof form of income, uniting two tech giants and giving Apple yet another platform to develop products for.

October 30th

Electric And Hybrid Car Sales Continue To Climb In 2013

With more hybrid cars on the market than ever, it should come as no surprise that sales of hybrid vehicles continue to grow month after month. 2013 could prove to be a watershed year for hybrid cars though, with sales of both pure electric and hybrid vehicles putting on strong showings in an increasingly competitive car market.

July 14th

Reuters Says Electric Cars Are Dead Again But It's Different This Time

Are the bells tolling for the EV industry just a few years into an electric car revival? International news outlet Reuters seems to think so, noting that lack of consumer interest and sales seems to be hurting electrification efforts, and major automakers are shifting strategies. But they fail to note that this time, electric vehicles seem to be here to stay unlike other short-lived efforts.

February 11th

GM Wants To Build 500,000 Electrified Vehicles A Year By 2017

While President Obama’s goal of getting a million electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles on the road by 2016 may fall well short, some automakers are feeling more bullish for their own prospects on a global sale. In a recent interview, a General Motors executive said that worldwide, GM hopes to sell about 500,000 electrified vehicles annually. But that quote should come with an asterisk.

November 15th