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Otocycles Are E-Bikes With Vintage Flair

Electric bicycles are poised to be the largest electric vehicle segment in the world in just a few short years, which promises for a wide variety of unique variants and designs. One recent entry into the e-bike field is the Otocycle, which combines vintage 1950s styling with light weight and up to 26 miles of pedal-free operation.

January 7th

Cafe Racer-Inspired Electric Bike Is All Kinds Of Eco-Cool

Environmentalist types have done themselves no favors when it comes to improving their image. Despite “going green” having attained mainstream status, there is still a huge resistence to hybrid cars, organic foods, and even riding bicycles because many people just don’t consider them “cool”. What’s a modern day hippie to do?

Well, buying this badass, cafe racer-inspired electric bicycle might not be a bad place to start.

August 3rd

Faraday's Porteur eBike Gets Real

Introduced last year at the Oregon Manifest bike competition (which it won), the Faraday Porteur is finally (almost) coming to market. All they need now is $100,000. The bike itself is a pedal-assisted ebike that Porteur likens to having an “electric tailwind” everywhere you ride. Having ridden a few ebikes in my time, I think […]

July 21st

Folding e-bike Commuter Concept Set for Production

Gabriel Wartofsky hopes his pedal-assist electric folder will help reveal what he calls “the hidden magic” of commuting by bicycle to the American public … and, after two years of trying, it seems like his innovative design is finally ready for prime-time production. The pre-production prototype of Wartofsky’s e-bike (below) remains true to the original […]

October 15th

Mercedes Announces a Smarter Smart for the Bike Lane

There was more than one new product announcement at Mercedes’ captive Smart brand this week, but even though this one rides the (literal?) coattails of its new-and-improved Electric Drive brother, it may still be the smartest Smart yet! I first rode one of Mercedes’ early electric bikes over a decade ago in South Florida, thanks […]

August 19th

Nico Jaras' Pedal Car Brings KERS Power to the People

Think pedal-cars are just big toys? They are – but this one, from Argentinian designer Nico Jara, promises to bring some real “big boy” tech to the game with lightweight composite construction and its very own take on kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS). KERS, for the uninitiated, have become race-winning “must have” toys in Formula […]

July 6th