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Congress Considering A Pay-Per-Mile Road Tax

With gas taxes bringing in less and less revenue, states like Massachusetts and Washington are considering a pay per mile tax. This idea of charging drivers a taxed based on how much they drive is even being bandied about Congress. Basically a pay per mile tax, or Vehicle Mile Tax, would charge American drivers per mile driven instead of charging the current 18.4 cent-per-gallon Federal gasoline tax they pay now.

February 12th

MUTE Budget EV is Coming to Frankfurt

The MUTE electric car is the latest project from a group of engineering students over at the  Technical University of Munich (TUM), who are set to show off their latest project at this September’s 2011 Frankfurt auto show. TUM’s MUTE was designed to be low weight and ultra-efficient, like most EVs, but the team promises […]

July 24th