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Video: Driving The 850 Horsepower Drayson Electric Car

I can’t write enough about the incredible Lord Drayson and his cutting-edge electric race car, the B12/69 EV, which is helping pushing zero-emissions racing into the future at a very rapid speed. Chris Harris, host of the YouTube show DRIVE, had a chance to get behind the wheel is this incredible electric race car, and […]

November 11th

Jaguar May Eventually Dump V8 Engines Entirely

In a world of rising gas prices, strict emissions standards, and a demand for better and better performance, automakers face often conflicting goals. Jaguar, which has built massive V12 engines in the past to power their coupes and luxury cars, is the first niche automaker to admit that it may one day ditch V8 (or larger) engines entirely

August 25th

The College Commute: How To Save On Your Way To Class

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was a poor college student hard hit for cash. The thought never occurred to me that maybe I could save a few buck by walking or biking to class instead of storming around campus in my 1995 Pontiac Trans Am. Man, I miss that car. Today, college students are more keen on their transportation options, and this handy-dandy infographic breaks down the most popular options.

January 24th

Toyota Developing 600+ Mile Battery; Nissan Says Long Range EV’s Unnecessary

As the world’s automakers slowly move to embrace electric vehicles, each brand or group is taking a decidedly different approach to EV’s and hybrids. Just look at the vastly different approaches of Toyota and Nissan. While Toyota is working to develop a battery with 600+ miles of range, Nissan says that 95% of Americans only need 100 miles of range a day.

October 26th

Sub5Zero Drives the Lexus GS450h

Lexus’ performance-oriented GS450h hybrid promises supercar acceleration and Lexus’ usual levels of “vault silent” luxury, with just enough green-washing to keep the GS’ usually performance-focused buyers from feeling too guilty about their non-Prius purchase.  Given a chance to put one through its paces, my good friend Ari Cox over at Sub5Zero discovered this hybrid’s secret:  […]

February 7th

GM Planning Rear-Wheel Drive Hybrids

[social_buttons] General Motors is gaining traction these days. Their new and upcoming lineup of cars looks strong, they’ve shed a lot of dead weight, and they still have lots of low-interest loans backed by the gov’ment. Plus, with its number one competitor, Toyota, recalling millions of cars, GM looks even better. Looking into the future […]

February 9th

Jaguar Working on Turbine-Powered Hybrid Car

[social_buttons] Turbine cars have long been a pipe dream since the dawn of the jet age that first spurred imaginations all over the world some sixty years ago. But practically speaking, turbine cars have never really taken off. They were either incredibly dangerous or prohibitively expensive (or both, like the Chrysler Patriot). They have also been beset […]

February 3rd