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2013 Dodge Dart Turbo Guest Review

I have six kids, so sedans aren’t high on our list of purchasable cars – after all, they tend to hold slightly fewer people than we typically transport. But my husband is Finance Director at a local dealership, and one of the perks of his job involves a demo of his choice. He’s driven many different cars, but recently chose the new Dodge Dart – and after driving it myself, I’m beginning to understand his motivation.

April 9th

LA Auto Show: The Green Car Of The Year Is The 2013 Ford Fusion

Nope, it’s not the Tesla Model S, lauded as CAR of the year (not just green) by everyone from Motor Trend to…many more. The award for Green Car of the Year came with a few caveats-primarily sales volume. Green Car Journal Editor Ron Cogan was adamant that this award be given to the car likely to get the most wheels to the ground. Sales volume matters a lot when determining which car will have the most significant impact in reducing CO2.

November 30th