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Polaris MRZR-D4 Diesel Gets The Call From US Marine Corps

The history of warfare extols many great thinkers – China’s Sun Tzu and Prussia’s Carl Von Clausewitz, for example. But General Nathan Bedford Forrest may be the champ when it comes to packing a lot of wisdom into a few words. His advice? “Get there firstest with the mostest.” That’s exactly what America soldiers can […]

December 4th

Next Jeep Wrangler Will Go Back To The Future

Rick Manley is the global head for Jeep and Ram vehicles at Fiat Chrysler. He tells the press that the next version of the Jeep Wrangler, which is scheduled to go on sale in 2018, will be lighter and more fuel efficient. The present generation in showrooms today will be more than 10 years old […]

June 25th

Tata Nano Diesel Set to Happen in 2014

Tata introduced the Nano as the world’s cheapest car in 2009, and quickly learned that “low price” does not automatically equal “high demand”. You still have to build a product that people want, as opposed to one that’s only mildly more practical (but significantly less awesome than) the Tuk Tuk you’re building it to compete […]

September 7th

Swiss Researchers Build 80 MPG Diesel-CNG Hybrid Engine

The future of fuel is still up in the air, with competing camps each advocating one thing or the other as solving mankind’s energy woes. Perhaps the real solution lies in combining different fuels into a single motor, and matching it with hybrid technology. Swiss Researchers have converted a diesel engine to run on natural gas, returning an incredible 80 mpg when coupled to hybrid technology.

September 3rd

German Automakers Team Up To Push Clean Diesel

There are two really remarkable differences between the American car culture, and the one in Europe. First and foremost to me is that manual transmissions are still very popular in cars of every class with Europeans. Secondly, about half of new cars sold in Europe come with diesel engines. Now several German automakers are teaming up to help push clean diesel engines here in America.

December 17th

Heico Converts Volvo V40 Into Biodiesel Race Car

Swedish automaker Volvo has been on a long and strange journey in the past few years. After buying Volvo, Ford later sold it (at a substantial loss) to Chinese automaker Geely. Yet Volvo has maintained its European roots, and will soon debut a new small family hatchback called the V40. Ahead of its dealership debut, […]