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Everybody Cheats On Diesel Emissions Tests

Volkswagen has taken its lumps over the past year. Last September, the International Council on Clean Transportation, after independent emissions tests, was the first to claim Volkswagen diesel emissions — especially NOx — were many times greater than advertised. Instead of being the prince of clean diesel technology, it became the dark knight of dirty diesel […]

September 11th

Siemens Proposes New Way To Power Electric Trucks

Trucks, those road going behemoths that spew millions of tons of diesel related junk into the air every year, are essential to the global economy. If it’s in your home, it probably spent some time being hauled by truck  from the factory to the store where you bought it.

June 26th

Mid-Atlantic Clean Diesel Conference Focuses On Air Quality

Last week, representatives from government, environmental groups, and the private sector met in Pennsylvania to discuss clean diesel strategies for continuing air quality improvements in the Mid-Atlantic region. That area includes Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. The Mid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative is a partnership between leaders from federal and state agencies, regional […]

May 7th