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The Evolution of the Electric Car

Originally published on Sustainnovate. Following up on my articles on the history of solar power science, history of solar power policy, history of solar power manufacturing, history of wind turbines, and history of trains, here’s a piece on the history of electric cars. Most people mean “electric car” when they say “electric vehicle.” Electric vehicles […]

April 29th

Detroit Electric Opens Flagship Store…In England

Wannabe electric car maker Detroit Electric has already been delayed a couple of times, and its Tesla Roadster knockoff feels just a bit unimaginative. But its greatest offense may be moving its headquarters to Leamington Spa, UK, where it just opened its first flagship store. And well, it does look pretty neat. Detroit Electric went […]

Detroit Electric Cars Get Teased as Production Nears

The message that you should get from the video, above, is clear: Despite the fact that the cars are built on an increasingly aging Lotus Elise platform with roots in the 1990s, the fact that they’re being built in Holland, and the fact that their primary market seems to be Korea, the Detroit Electric Car […]

October 18th

Detroit Electric Pledges To Launch Sedan, Hatchback By End Of 2014

The big news last week was the return of Detroit Electric, which is launching later on this year with the SP:01, an all-electric supercar based on the Lotus Elise. Sounds familiar, right? But Detroit Electric promise it isn’t just a Tesla Motors copycat, and the newly-resurrected company is pledging to have both a pure-electric sedan and hatchback on sale by the end of 2014. The question is…how?