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Traffic Pollution Linked To Autism…Again

Autism is a cause of growing concern in the scientific community, with more and more children seemingly diagnosed with one of the many mental disabilities that fall under the autism label. While researchers have linked autism with obvious culprits like industrial food processing, a new study suggests a strong link between high traffic pollution and children born with autism.

November 27th

Quitter! Tar Sand Employee Quits Over Damage

Canada’s internationally condemned tar sand oil extraction is one of the most environmentally damaging operations on Earth. We’ve covered that before, of course, and even noted some Canadians’ resentment of emerging technologies (like electric cars) that might reduce consumer demand for Canadian oil in North America and, therefor, reduce their income. That realization, that there […]

February 27th

Canada Thinks Green Cars are a Problem (Really)

Alberta’s tar sands have been called “the dirtiest oil in the world” by Greenpeace and National Geographic, and “mining” these fields means high carbon emissions and serious pollution of natural water supplies. So why are Canadians afraid of electric vehicles? Canada’s own government agents claim that the area’s boreal forests “could be gone within a […]

February 7th