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Sawyer Cycles Builds a Flat-pack Chopper-style IKEA Bicycle

We’re a flat-pack generation, but we still want to feel like we have something cool, stylish, and uniquely “us” whenever we make a big purchase. If Dutch artist Jurgen Kuipers gets his way, we’ll soon have a cool, stylish, flat-back bicycle with plenty of opportunities to customize the thing and make it uniquely ours. Jurgen’s calling his “IKEA bicycle” design the Sawyer Cycles chopper, and it’s brilliant!

August 23rd

Wireless Brake Light Video Uses a Sexy Estonian to Get My Attention

Velodroom’s wireless bicycle brake light has no on/off switch. Instead, it uses a built-in accelerometer (g-meter) to detect when the rider is slowing down, which kicks on the 3 watt LED brake light. It’s a clever concept that takes the responsibility of signaling drivers off of the rider’s hand-signals (which take their hands off the handlebars) and one that the Velodroom’s designer, Indrek Rebane, claims is clearly visible from over 900 feet away!

July 3rd

Any Estonian Cafe Racers Out There?

When you think of a country that’s all about sexy curves and an unrestrained, almost sexual aggressiveness, Estonia is probably not what immediately comes to mind (sorry, Tiina). All the same, this cafe-racer-inspired bicycle from the mind of Indrek Narusk is an all-Estonian masterpiece that looks and rides like nothing else powered by your own two feetsies.

June 21st

Dear Government, When do Cyclists Start to Matter?

I was riding in the bike lane on Toronto’s Harbord Street last week during the afternoon rush hour and thought boy, there sure are a lot of bikes, so many that I stopped to take a photo of them. It turns out that this wasn’t an aberration, but a significant trend. Cycle Toronto recently did a traffic count and found that in the course of a day, fully 45% of the vehicles on Harbord Street were bicycles.

June 19th

Video: Flat-pack Sandwichbike is Your Awesome DIY Thing of the Week

he Sandwichbike was introduced during the 2013 Salone del Mobile, with promises that the company will start producing the bikes sometime this year. Made from two wooden panels, this renewable-material and fully-recyclable bicycle was “inspired” by IKEA’s concept of flat packing products for home assembly to keep retail costs down.

June 2nd

Infographic: Number of Bicycle Commuters Skyrockets

If you live in a major city, then you don’t need to do much research to know that bicycle commuting is on the rise. You might be surprised, however, by just how quickly the number of bicycle commuters is rising. From 2001 to 2009, the number of bicycle commuters more than doubled, from 1.7 million to more than 4 million.

May 25th

Video: You Had Me At Rocket Bike

This blog is about gas, ultimately. How to use less gas, what to use instead of gas, and all that jazz. The usual suspects are ethanol, bio-diesel, electrons, and hydrogen-peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide? Watch this death-defying 160 mph rocket bike shame a Subaru STi and you’ll be a believer.

May 22nd