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Matra to Build Electric Delivery Bike

Matra’s innovative, battery-swapping line of pedal-electric bicycles continues to expand throughout Europe. If this latest prototype is any indication, the next phase of Matra’s expansion will see the company enter the commercial delivery market. Matra sold over 5000 electric bikes last year, but hopes to expand its business with “pure” (read: non-pedal) scooters that include […]

November 24th

Premium Rush Movie Wants to Kill Cyclists (video)

Cycling is a huge part of urban life already, and – as gas prices climb and the desire to be more ecologically responsible becomes more mainstream – it is becoming an even huger part.  Even major automakers are starting to push out electric bicycles!  It’s understandable, then, that as bikes and cyclists are enjoying something […]

September 18th

Deliver-E Trike is Ready for the Rough Stuff

With twin electric motors powering this new-age delivery trike to a top speed of 50 mph and nearly 40 miles of range, Simon Williams’ Deliver-E concept is ready to – um – deliver the goods. Williams is aiming his Deliver-E specifically at letter carriers (posties!) in his native Australia, to replace the CT110 Hondas currently […]

March 19th