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Brazil Boosts Ethanol Output in the Face of Uncertain Future

Brazilian sugar and ethanol producers saw near-record profits in 2013 with growth of nearly 19% year-over-year. Despite the increased production and profits Brazil has seen, however, UNICA President Elizabeth Farina cited a report which pointed out that “during the past year, producers have spent nearly 15 percent of their revenues on debt servicing,” as opposed […]

December 29th

First Cadillac ELR Coupes Head To Dealerships

GM’s luxury brand Cadillac wants to compete with the likes of Tesla Motors, and their opening salvo in this green luxury car war comes in the form of the Chevy Volt-based Cadillac ELR. While Consumer Reports calls the Cadillac ELR overpriced, GM thinks there are enough people willing to pay the $75,995 asking price, and […]

December 19th

Top 3 Graphs That Prove Ethanol Does NOT Raise Food Prices

Just about every time we write a post about ethanol- be it about a 2000 hp ethanol-fueled hypercar that makes 400% more power than the gas version but still gets the same MPG or about the US military switching its mobile units to biofuels– someone starts harping about ethanol raising food prices. Despite the fact […]

December 7th

Study Finds $25,000 Threshold A Problem For EVs

The American auto market has rebounded in a big way, with pent-up demand for new vehicles pushing many companies towards record-breaking quarters. But a big sticking point among new car buyers remains pricing, and automakers are still working to get their entry-level electric cars under the magical $25,000 price point. Navigant Research conducted a study […]

December 2nd