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Biofuel from Desert Plants Set to Clean Up Aviation

A new process developed by the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC) in Abu Dhabi is pulling ethanol biofuel from desert plants fed by non-potable seawater- and it’s doing so more efficiently than many “typical” plant-based ethanol processors. The SRBC, with funding from Boeing, Honeywell, and Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways is working to commercialize the sustainable […]

January 25th

Roadtrek Adds Solar Power, Biodiesel to Its RV Lineup

I’ve maintained for a while now that the best way to convince someone that nature is worth preserving is to get them out into it. It seems like the people at Roadtrek agree- and they’re going a step further by offering a new B+ class motorhome that not only uses recycled materials in its construction, […]

December 7th

One DIY to Rule Them All: The Electric 1965 Cobra

A 1965 Cobra on the road turns heads and it is hard to improve on that automobile – that is unless you make it fully electric, which is exactly what Wayne Krauth is doing in his garage. The car itself is a kit car made by Factory Five and the kit alone cost $20,000. Mr. […]

December 7th

RelayRides Gets OnStar Integration, Mobile App (video)

San Francisco-based, neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing company RelayRides (founded in June 2010) has set itself apart from other carsharing networks like Zipcar and CityCarShare by giving car owners a chance to earn a bit of extra cash by participating in the company’s car-sharing business. The service installs a communications device used to lock and unlock cars […]

October 8th

Plastic 2 Oil Turns Landfills into (stinky) Gold Mines

Whether we like it or not, oil is as economically necessary for our (current) global society as it is a foundation for our fuels … and it’s not getting easier to come by.  Even those claims, however, are often met with controversy – some claiming that oil is running out, others claiming that oil is being […]

August 20th

Want to Improve National Security? Ride a Scooter.

It is telling of my age, perhaps, that I had originally thought to begin this article with a reference to “Voodoo Economics.”  Even so, there is very little voodoo in the idea that reducing America’s foreign oil dependence/addiction is a good thing.  It’s such a good idea, in fact, and so integral to “national security […]

April 25th

Algae-based Fuels Could Cut Foreign Oil Use by 17%

According to a team of researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, algea-based biofuels could replace up to 17 % of America’s petroleum imports each year, without a significant impact on fresh water use. The issue of where the water necessary to grow the algal components for the fuel is (arguably) the greatest singles source […]

April 22nd

Liquid Salt Could Clean Up Canadian Tar Sand

Despite being called “the world’s most destructive project“, the tar sand extraction fields in Alberta, Canada export over one million barrels of oil each day – mostly to the US.  Greenpeace, National Geographic, and Canada’s own governmental agencies consider Alberta’s tar sands to be serious environmental threats, and I think you’d be hard pressed to […]

April 14th

UK Trucks "Go Long" for Cleaner Emissions

An independent UK study recently showed that increasing the overall length of commercial trucks could dramatically reduce overall emissions without compromising safety.  The study (available for download here) showed that a 2 meter increase in maximum length (without an increase in maximum weight) could “increase capacity for haulers transporting lightweight goods by up to 13%, […]

April 13th

Brits Microwave Used Motor Oil to Make Usable Fuel

It’s not a Monty Python skit, it’s real.  Scientists at the University of Cambridge have come up with a way to repurpose used motor oil into a usable fuel using microwaves, potentially converting the 8 billion gallons of oil discarded last year alone  into a useful commodity, instead of a nasty waste product. Unlike Valvoline’s […]

April 6th

Valvoline Introduces "NextGen" Recycled Motor Oil

File this one in your “ideas I should have had, but didn’t” files, because Valvoline has introduced a new line of high-quality motor oil that is 50% recycled with no adverse impact (the company claims) on performance. Valvoline’s new oil products seem to be quit a bit more than simple green-washing of what is a […]

March 17th

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Aptera’s Electric Car (Almost!)

As we speak, the TED 2009 (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference is well underway, and one of their star contributors, as far as green transportation goes, is Aptera Motors. Normally a secretive company, Aptera chose this venue to be the first public debut of their new, pre-production “2e” electric car and gave attendees who signed up […]

February 8th

U.S. Fuel Economy Standards Boosted to 31.6 MPG by 2015

The White House has outlined their plan to increase fuel efficiency standards to 35 MPG by 2020, a move that will save Americans an estimated $100 billion in fuel costs. The mandate was outlined in last year’s energy bill in December, but this proposal gives a boost to the timeline by requiring the mileage of […]

April 23rd

Earth Day 2008: Thoughts From Gas 2.0

Today is Earth Day, and it’s a great day to remind ourselves why we’re interested in things like renewable fuels and green car technology. It’s also a day to think about the role each of us plays in local and international environmental issues, from air pollution to the increasing cost of food. Instead of bombarding […]

April 22nd