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$8,000 Hydrogen Tax Credit Expires, What Now?

What the $57,900 Toyota Mirai rolled out last month, executives said that with current state and federal incentives, the Mirai could sell for as little as $45,000. However, Autoblog Green reports that Congress has let the $8,000 tax rebate for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles quietly expire, meaning the Toyota Mirai and other FCVs will have […]

December 24th

Congress May Cut Green Auto Loans Program, We Say Good

In 2008 then-President George W. Bush, with approval from a Democratic majority in Congress, funded the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing loan program to the tune of $25 billion. Five years later and less than half of that money has been given out, and to just five companies. A panel in the House of Representatives wants to cut the funding to put money towards fighting wildfires in the west…and it’s honestly a better use of the money at this point.

Congress Considering A Pay-Per-Mile Road Tax

With gas taxes bringing in less and less revenue, states like Massachusetts and Washington are considering a pay per mile tax. This idea of charging drivers a taxed based on how much they drive is even being bandied about Congress. Basically a pay per mile tax, or Vehicle Mile Tax, would charge American drivers per mile driven instead of charging the current 18.4 cent-per-gallon Federal gasoline tax they pay now.

February 12th

U.S. Senators Revive Fuel Cell And Hydrogen Caucus

Hydrogen fuel once seemed like a promising alternative to oil, but years of broken promises and false hopes has put hydrogen technology on the back burner for many car companies. So is it any surprise that the Obama Administration withdrew much of its support for fuel cells, and instead backed electric cars?

Yet with EV’s also proving a hard sell, U.S. policy makers are reviving interest in hydrogen fuel cells. This includes a bipartisan committee of U.S. Senators who have revived the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus.

August 3rd

Senate Passes Transportation Bill, GOP Says No Way

This Wednesday saw the U.S. Senate approval of a two year $109 billion transportation and infrastructure bill. Now the ball is in the House Republicans court. The federal highway trust fund is set to expire at the end of March. The United States Highway Trust Fund is a transportation fund which receives money from federal […]

March 21st

House Transportation Bill Cuts Funding To Bikers, Walkers, In Favor Of Highways

There is no question that America’s highway infrastructure is in dire straits, and they need to be fixed. Unfortunately, a too-low gas tax and misplaced priorities have seen infrastructure constantly shuffled to the back of the pack, especially when it comes to promoting public transit options, walkable spaces, and bike paths. President Obama and Transportation […]

February 1st

Senator Bernie Sanders Takes On Tax Breaks To Fossil Fuel Companies

President Obama’s State of the Union Address was very alternative fuel heavy. This lead to a number of applause breaks and in many the camera captured Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders showing his approval. Senator Sanders has been a champion of the alternative fuel movement for a long time and at a recent rally in […]

January 26th

Big Oil Goes to Washington to Defend Tax Subsidies

On the heels of reporting (more) record breaking profits, and just as gas prices hit $4 a gallon nationwide, Big Oil has been called to Washington to defend billions in tax subsidies that some politicians to strip away. The five largest oil producers in the U.S.; Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BP America, and Shellby took in […]

Republican Congress to De-Green DC

In a series of moves that are either laughably backwards or just fundamentally stupid, the newly-elected Tea-Party wingnut Republican majority has taken swift, immediate action to de-green … the cafeteria. Really. John Boehner, the new Speaker of the House, announced the moves AWAY from green initiatives like ecologically sustainable utensils and trays made from corn […]

March 1st