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2014 Tata Nano Debuts, CNG Model Tags Along

From a visual perspective, the 2014 Tata Nano is distinguished by tastefully-applied chrome trim and a new rear bumper with sporty mesh inserts. The new Nano can also be “optioned up” with four personalization kits that add features like a contrasting-color roof, body graphics, alloy wheels, and sporty-looking body kit. Under the hood, a new bi-fuel engine cuts emissions and operating costs … will that be enough?

June 22nd

GM Prepping CNG-Powered Chevy Impala?

Compressed natural gas, or CNG, may be the fuel of the future here in America. Vast untapped resources of CNG are only now being exploited, and automakers are responding with a limited offering of CNG vehicles. Spy shots suggest that GM could be prepping a CNG-powered Chevy Impala for either fleet or public sale.

Weird Ride Wednesday: Gas Bag Vehicles An Alternative During War Time

While we may consider the alternative fuel movement a relatively new fad, human beings have long sought alternative methods of power and transportation outside of petroleum oil. Necessity is the mother of invention after all, and during war time oil can be in short supply, leading to innovative (and often wacky) solutions like the gas bag vehicles of World War I and World War II.

January 23rd

Fiat-Chrysler CEO: CNG Will Set U.S. Free

While America’s energy policy hangs in the balance, one thing both Democrats and Republicans agree on is the exploitation of America’s vast natural gas reserves. According to Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, if the United States full-on embraces CNG as a transportation fuel, we could reduce emissions and eliminate our reliance on foreign oil in just a few years time.

November 1st

Natural Gas Race Cars Coming To ALMS

The American Le Mans series bills itself as the greenest form of motorsport, and in terms of including alternative fuel race cars, no other series on the ALMS level can compete. The ALMS currently has cars running E85 ethanol, biobutonal, diesels, Porsche hybrids, and for the first time an all-electric race car. But all of […]

San Diego Running Buses on CNG

Public transportation running on alternative fuel is always fun (fuel cells, batteries, you name it), and San Diego has added its name to the list of cities running buses on Something Else. The city has approved a purchase of 53 40-foot low-floor CNG (compressed natural gas). Each of the buses includes all required Americans with […]

April 27th