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In The UK, Driving May Soon Be Cheaper Than Public Transport

Car ownership has never been cheap, and with cars only getting more and more expensive, one would think that public transportation might represent an enormous cost savings over cars. But in the UK at least, the popularity of public transportation, combined with ever-increasing train and tube fares, has led to commuting by car to be cheaper than train, at least in some areas.

January 24th

New MKZ Model Goes Topless (w/ video)

Lincoln’s hot-selling MKZ hybrid surprised Ford with its success – which makes sense, considering the car was little more than a gussied-up, premium-priced Ford Fusion. For 2013, though, Ford is hoping that putting in an honest effort into its premium hybrid offering, with higher-grade interior trim bits, prettier paint, and this: a full-length, full-width sliding […]

April 1st

Mercedes S400 Hybrid: Cost-effective, at What Cost?

Mercedes’ S400 hybrid luxury sedan has received a lot of attention this month after a Canadian market study of 16 hybrids singled out the big Benz as the “only” cost-effective hybrid option on the market.  Let’s face facts, though: the S400’s clients are less interested in what’s cost-effective, and more interested in what they’re being […]

August 18th