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New Chevy Commercial Shows the Changing Face of American Families

Of course Coca-Cola’s recent Olympic commercial that featured Americans of all ethnic backgrounds singing “America, the Beautiful” in their native languages drew a lot of negative attention from the horrible, racist s***bag Republitards that make ‘Murica an international laughing-stock. It’s what those people do when they take time off from suppressing their homosexual urges and […]

February 10th

Build a DIY Motorhome of Your Own (w/ video)

DIY motorhomes and restored/modified RVs are always popular posts here on Gas 2. So, when I covered this video chronicling one man’s DIY approach to converting (what looks like) a well-used Ford Transit Connect into a survivalist motorhome on the cheap for my off-grid/zombie survival site, Insteading, I thought it might do well here, as well.

January 26th

Via's Electric Pickup Truck Factory Opens in Mexico

Via Motors EV Truck Manufacturing Plant Opened In Mexico (via EV Obsession) VIA Motors, makers of the VTRUX brand of extended-range plug-in trucks, just launched its first high-volume electric vehicle assembly plant this week, located in a new facility in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The facility — which is strategically placed…  

November 16th