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Detroit Electric Pledges To Launch Sedan, Hatchback By End Of 2014

The big news last week was the return of Detroit Electric, which is launching later on this year with the SP:01, an all-electric supercar based on the Lotus Elise. Sounds familiar, right? But Detroit Electric promise it isn’t just a Tesla Motors copycat, and the newly-resurrected company is pledging to have both a pure-electric sedan and hatchback on sale by the end of 2014. The question is…how?

Coda Circling The Drain With More Layoffs, Slashed Prices

It always sucks to see an innovative company with great ideas go under, and the green energy movement has had its fair share of casualties. But in all honesty, we don’t think anybody is surprised to see electric car maker Coda struggling to make any headway with their Chinese-built EV. With news of more layoffs and dealers slashing prices by 40%, it seems as though the writing is on the wall for Coda.

January 23rd

A Very Cool EV Concept For…CODA?

While automakers seem split over the concept of making electric vehicles blend in with the crowd, or stand out, one automaker has gone full-on bland for its EV. That company is CODA, which builds a boring electric sedan that does nothing to inspire anyone. Yet the above concept was penned with CODA in mind. Why didn’t they just build that?

December 10th

Coda: Electric Sedan is On-track for 2011 Launch

Coda management says there will be no more delays – deliveries of its eagerly anticipated “budget” electric cars from China were promised to begin “late fourth quarter” of 2011, opening the company’s first dealership in Los Angeles this August with a half-dozen showroom-ready Coda Sedans on-hand for prospective customers to test-drive. Coda’s latest PR push […]

July 13th

4th of July (Should Be) End Dependence Day

Electric carmaker Coda released a new video, cleverly titled “End Dependence Day”, just in time for the 4th of July! Of course, Gas 2.0 has been covering a world that is coming to terms with its oil addiction – with its oil dependence – since 2007, so the ideas put forward in Coda’s video are […]

July 4th

GE to Host EV Experience Tour

General Electric will be hosting a seven-city Electric Vehicle Experience Tour that will bring automakers together in order to educate the public on the technology and operation of plug-in and pure electric vehicles. Supporting the electric vehicle market, GE has already arranged to purchase 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015 for its own fleet as well […]

March 14th

Coda Electric Sedan Priced At $44,900

It has taken the major automakers around the world decades to catch on with electric vehicles. Where we should already all be driving electric cars, major electric vehicles will only start hitting the market in the next few months. Much attention has been paid to the Volt and Nissan LEAF, but there lots of other […]

September 21st