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Fiat-Chrysler CEO: CNG Will Set U.S. Free

While America’s energy policy hangs in the balance, one thing both Democrats and Republicans agree on is the exploitation of America’s vast natural gas reserves. According to Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, if the United States full-on embraces CNG as a transportation fuel, we could reduce emissions and eliminate our reliance on foreign oil in just a few years time.

November 1st

GM, Chrysler Announce CNG Pickups

Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on a lot of things these days, but one area that seems to have bi-partisan support is compressed natural gas, or CNG vehicles. America supposedly sits on huge natural gas reserves, and automakers seem more than happy to oblige an alternative to oil. Within a day of each other, both […]

Chrysler To Begin Selling CNG Pickups This Year

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama laid out his vision for America’s future energy destiny, citing shale gas formations as one of many potential fuels to reduce our oil dependency. Indeed, many pundits and economists talk about the natural gas economy. The only problem? The lack of CNG-powered cars in America. Honda was first out the […]

January 27th