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Fiat-Chrysler CEO: CNG Will Set U.S. Free

While America’s energy policy hangs in the balance, one thing both Democrats and Republicans agree on is the exploitation of America’s vast natural gas reserves. According to Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, if the United States full-on embraces CNG as a transportation fuel, we could reduce emissions and eliminate our reliance on foreign oil in just a few years time.

November 1st

3M, Chesapeake Energy Team Up On Cheap CNG Tanks

The Republicans and Democrats don’t really get along these days, but there seems to be one area of common ground between the two parties; natural gas as an alternative to oil. Unfortunately, the expensive tanks needed to hold compressed natural gas put a hefty price premium on CNG vehicles. But Chesapeake Energy and 3M are […]

February 22nd

ICTC to Build Natural Gas Corridor from UT to CA to NV (video)

A mainstream switch to non-petroleum fuels won’t be possible without the support of commercial fleets and over-the-road truck buyers, which account for a huge percentage of total miles driven. These truck fleets depend on a solid infrastructure in order to effectively schedule their job-critical operations, however, and (quite understandably) will hesitate to adopt any alternative […]

August 28th