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Yamaha and Gordon Murray Team Up For Motiv City Car

Remember the Gordon Murray-designed T.27 and T.27 electric city vehicles? Well those vehicles were built to demonstrate Murray’s new iStream design and assembly system, designed to streamline production. Yamaha announced that it would be the first automaker to embrace Murray’s system, producing a line of gas and electric-powered city cars aimed at Europe. The Yamaha […]

November 22nd

Daihatsu Brings Trio of Microcars to Tokyo Show

Daihatsu may not be well-remembered here in the ‘States, but the brand is Japan’s oldest carmaker – as well as one of Asia’s top sellers, specializing in small-displacement city cars and inner-urban delivery vehicles. Despite an early withdrawal from the US in the 1990s and a more recent withdrawal from Australia, the brand continues to […]

November 13th

A New Mini Concept That's Actually Mini

With the recently introduced Countryman SUV and headlines like “The New Mini WRC is a Giant Monster” highlighting the massive growth spurts Mini’s cars have experienced since the brand’s inception, perhaps the time was right for Mini to show something – you know – mini. Jalopnik recently published photos of Mini’s new “Rocketman” concept car, […]

February 24th

Lotus Reveals Tiny EV Citycar Concept

[social_buttons] Take a look at the future of urban motoring. At least, that’s what UK car manufacturer Lotus would have us believe after revealing an exciting new all-electric car concept that it says most city cars might look like five years from now . After a challenge by car magazine Automotive Engineer, the British design […]

July 22nd

59 MPG Toyota iQ is Coming To the U.S. As a Scion!

Just yesterday I wrote about what I dubbed as “perhaps the ultimate city car,” the 59 MPG Toyota iQ 4-seater. I also bemoaned Toyota for releasing it in Europe but not in the US. >>> more on the Toyota/Scion iQ Well, turns out Toyota is bringing the iQ to the US under the Scion badge. […]

October 14th

59 MPG Toyota iQ On Sale In Europe, US Plans Unclear

Perhaps the ultimate city car for the childless, the Toyota iQ includes all of the safety, comfort, and convenience you’d expect from a larger car, but packaged in the world’s smallest 59 mpg 4-seater. [social_buttons] Before the details fanatics among us get all hot and bothered, the 59 mpg (4.0 liters/100 km) rating refers to […]

October 13th