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EV Owner & Lessee Survey (If You Drive Electric, Complete This!)

I’ve been long planning to do an EV owner and lessee survey like this, so I am super eager to see the results. (I’m going to have a hard time not watching them obsessively as they come in.) But the key, of course, is getting EV owners and lessees to complete the survey. If you drive […]

July 25th

Video: 2016 Smart ForTwo and ForFour Teased

  What is a Smart car, exactly? For the past several years, the brand has drifted from one concept to another with little success in the American marketplace. First the brand brought out the slinky and stylish Roadster, then experimented with a four-door sedan, before toying with the truly weird Crossblade. The market in Europe for small, entry […]

July 14th

Citroen AX Diesel vs. the Nürburgring (w/ video)

Back in the 1960s and 70s, Germany’s Nürburgring established itself as the toughest, trickiest, and deadliest racetrack on the Formula 1 circuit. Driver deaths and hideous injuries were regular occurrences, and the track’s legend was such that, long after the F1 community became sane enough to leave the Green Hell be, it still remains the […]

January 31st

117 MPG From The Hybrid Air Car?

Gas prices continue to skyrocket for American consumers, and even with the more eco-friendly cars it can still put a big dent in your weekly budget. Hybrids, electric cars, and the smaller models like the Honda Civic, Ford Fiesta, and Hyundai Elantra are helping to keep personal fuel consumption down, but Americans are still looking for new ways to save at the pump. We already wrote about getting 76 mpgs, so what if you could get over 100 mpg? Well, with the hybrid air car inventors say it may be possible.

February 12th