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Palo Alto: Electric Vehicle & Clean Transport Leader (Exclusive Video)

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Third in my series on the Renewable Cities “Trends, innovations, and barriers in electrifying transportation” panel that I moderated, this article is about Gil Friend’s wonderful presentation. (See my intro and Brian Hansen’s presentation on Copenhagen electrification and clean transport for the prequels.) Gil is Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Palo Alto, and is […]

August 27th

Urbanites Who Walk Through Natural Environments Benefit Mentally

By Cynthia Shahan Half of the population lives in urban areas, and this is expected to keep increasing. A new report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences notes that, in 2050, up to 70% of the population may be living the city life. Improved parks with pedestrian paths will offer an opportunity for valuable nature […]

August 5th

RelayRides Gets OnStar Integration, Mobile App (video)

San Francisco-based, neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing company RelayRides (founded in June 2010) has set itself apart from other carsharing networks like Zipcar and CityCarShare by giving car owners a chance to earn a bit of extra cash by participating in the company’s car-sharing business. The service installs a communications device used to lock and unlock cars […]

October 8th

Giveaway Alert: Win A 1-Year Membership/$250 Drive Time for Car Sharing Service Zipcar

One of the nice things about being a part of the automotive media(however small a part that is) are the perks, and a chance to pass on the generosity of major automakers. In an attempt to curry favor with the public, and offer people an opportunity to explore car sharing for themselves,car sharing service ZipCar is offering a one-year membership to its car sharing service, with Ford providing $250 of drive time!

September 19th

Premium Rush Movie Wants to Kill Cyclists (video)

Cycling is a huge part of urban life already, and – as gas prices climb and the desire to be more ecologically responsible becomes more mainstream – it is becoming an even huger part.  Even major automakers are starting to push out electric bicycles!  It’s understandable, then, that as bikes and cyclists are enjoying something […]

September 18th

New Tech Promises Fully-Charged EVs in Just 5 Minutes

Once you start talking about 200 miles of driving in-between 5 minute “pit-stops”, it’s not really clear if you’re talking about gas or electric-powered cars – and that’s the whole point of developing quick-charging and battery-swapping stations for EVs:  you can get all of the green, none of the sacrifice.  Now, you can have that […]

June 18th

FEEDER Highway Grows Food On Former Roads

I don’t buy into the whole “cities are the greenest places to live” argument for one main reason; food. Cities import 99.9% of the food they consume, often from great distances away. It takes something like 12 acres of food to feed a single person for one year. Multiply that by the millions that live […]

October 18th