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The Aoxin Ibis Is A Shorter, Fatter Tesla Model S

Originally posted on CleanTechnica China has long had a problem with an unregulated counterfeiting business that makes knockoffs of everything from Air Jordans to automobiles. While some examples are more egregious than others, there’s no denying the Tesla design influence of the Aoxin Ibis. Unfortunately, the Chinese knockoff electric car is the automotive equivalent of […]

Tesla Trims Staff In China On Low Sales

In January Elon Musk was blunt when he said that Chinese sales of the Tesla Model S weren’t living up to expectations, but he seemed bullish on the automaker’s ability to turn things around. Yet two months later, the Wall St. Journal reports that Tesla is cutting some 180 jobs from its Chinese staff, as […]

2015 Volvo S60L is Made in China, Coming to America

Long known for their emphasis on safety, use of high-end materials, and impeccable build quality, cars wearing Volvo’s “ironmark” badge are expected to be a step above cars like Subarus and Hyundais. Later this year, Volvo will begin building a long wheelbase version of its popular S60 sedan called the S60L, which will show up […]

June 24th