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Will The Next-Gen Chevy Volt Offer Multiple Battery Options?

You can bet that GM already has a good idea of what consumers what in the next-generation Chevrolet Volt. That means rumors and hearsay are starting to trickle out, though sometimes a single sentence from one suit can send the automotive media into a feeding frenzy. So comes word that the Chevy Volt may offer less range in the future…or on the flipside, even more range.

Say what?

Study: Chevy Volt Owners Spent Just $300 To Drive 10,000 Miles

For all the negativity surrounding the Chevy Volt, people who have bought GM’s plug-in hybrid are among the happiest car owners in America. How can that be? A recent case study in Scientific American looked at the Volt’s energy consumption and emissions and compared it to the most popular hybrid on the market, the Toyota Prius, and in every category the Volt comes out way ahead.

October 1st

Why Doesn't GM Build a Diet Chevy Volt?

Without a doubt the biggest knock against the Volt isn’t its limited electric range or its so-so fuel efficiency, but the $41,000 price tag. Yet GM has the ability to make a much cheaper Volt. So what’re they waiting for? GM doesn’t make a dime off of every Volt they sell, having invested a large […]

March 11th