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2014 Chevy Cruze Diesel Retails At $25,695, Rated At 42 MPG

February 7th, 2013 | by Christopher DeMorro

We’ve been looking forward to the reveal of the Chevy Cruze Diesel for some time now, and finally the day has arrived. Annnd...we’re kind of disappointed with both the price and the EPA rating, at least at first glance. But if you take a step back, the Cruze Diesel still has a lot to offer if you’re the kind of person who buys a car, and keeps it

Chevy Cruze Diesel To Debut In Chicago

January 30th, 2013 | by Christopher DeMorro

American automakers have shied away from diesel passenger cars for the past few decades due to bad experiences in the early 1980s. But 2013 could be a watershed year for diesel cars in America, and General Motors is set to lead the way with the Chevy Cruze Diesel, set to debut next month at the Chicago Auto Show.

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