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Australia to Build Electric Highway Along Great Barrier Reef

Last week, the Australian government has revealed plans to build a new, 1800 kilometer-long electric highway on coastal roads running along the Great Barrier Reef. featuring free EV charging stations. The project is an effort to promote EVs in Australia as countries like Britain and France move to completely ban the sales of diesel and […]

August 7th

More Charging Stations Than Gas Stations In Japan

The establishment of an infrastructure to support electric and plug in cars is proceeding rapidly in Japan. According to Bloomberg News, Nissan says there are now 40,000 public and private charging stations in Japan versus only 34,000 gas stations. The availability of charging stations is an important factor for buyers considering an electric or plug […]

February 17th

Another One Bites the Dust: Ecotality Files for Bankruptcy

After a suspension of payments from the Federal Government, electric vehicle charging system manufacturer Ecotality was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this Monday. The move is the company’s first step towards dissolution and the sale of its assets at auction. This news follows August’s revelation that the CHAdeMO-type charger, the type used […]

September 25th

Hawaii Sets EV Charging Prices To Alleviate Cost Anexiety

To encourage EV ownership, Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) and the state energy office have announced today that regulatory approval has been achieved for differential rates on EV charging stations. In other words, EV owners can charge at EV charging stations without worrying about what rate they’re paying for the electric, or about peak demand charge hours. The rates are an attempt to encourage EV ownership in Hawaii, a place where range anxiety is limited by geographic barriers (that’s the techy term for “an ocean on all sides”).

July 18th

London To Begin Wireless EV Charging Trial

Whether or not government should get involved in the installation of electric vehicle charging points is a matter for politicians to discuss. For now, it seems many municipalities are happy to help out electric vehicle owners. London is in discussions to bring wireless EV charging stations to the old English city, giving EV drivers something […]

November 11th

Ooh, Lo-la! Student-modded IndyCar Chassis a Road-ready EV.

MINDDRIVE, a non-profit after school program for at-risk Kansas City high school kids, has produced quite the educational feat through its Automotive Design Studio. Seven participating teenagers (and their 11 expert engineer/machinist/journo mentors from the auto industry) have put theory into practice, modding a Lola IndyCar chassis into a light-weight, electric-powered vehicle that is scheduled to embark on a coast to coast road trip early next year.

September 6th

1,800 EV Stations Installed Thanks to Stimulus

Energy Secretary Chu announced this week that funds from Obama’s Recovery Act helped to install over 1,800 charging stations across the country. Who says America lacks a charging infrastructure? As part of the $860 billion stimulus package passed by Congress in early 2009, the Transportation Electrification Initiative allocated $400 million towards the study and implementation […]