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Tesla Considers Building A Big Battery Factory of Its Own

The unparalleled success of the Tesla Model S sedan has eaten up the world’s supply of lithium-ion laptop batteries, causing the electric automaker to sign a $7 billion agreement with Panasonic for even more battery packs. But Tesla could end up building the world’s largest battery factory, with the same output as all the rest of the world’s battery producers combined.

November 7th

GM Announces Bi-Fuel 2014 Chevy Impala

At a recent conference on the 40th Anniversary of the OPEC embargo (aka “the 1973 oil crisis“), GM CEO Dan Akerson highlighted the need for domestic energy sources by revealing a new for model-year 2015 Chevy Impala bi-fuel sedan, capable of running on both gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG). That’s not too long after […]

October 17th

GM CEO: We're Working On 200 Mile EV

What is the magic number when it comes to EV driving range? The initial wave of Nissan Leafs received a 73 mile rating, though plenty of owners have achieved more or less range, depending on a wide variety of factors. Yet EV sales are not what Nissan hoped for, and other automakers have taken note. GM’s CEO Dan Akerson said the General is working on an EV with 200 miles of real world range.

Next Chevy Volt To Cost “Thousands” Less

While electric vehicle sales haven’t been exactly inspiring, the Chevy Volt has managed to pick up some serious steam among consumers despite its $39,995 MSRP. With a next-generation Volt already under development, GM’s President of North America Mark Reuss has said that they will shave “thousands of dollars” from the price. But is it enough to make the Volt a true mass-market competitor?

January 18th

Not Another Solyndra: Bright Automotive Closes Doors, Cites DOE Loan Process

Ever since Department of Energy loan-recipient Solyndra closed its doors this summer, the whole “green energy loan” process has been under intense scrutiny by Republican politicians. Cries of “crony capitalism” have been the rallying cry against green energy loans to fledgling companies, but here is one example where the DOE loan process came up short. […]

February 29th