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New Ethanol Process Boosts Recoverable Energy By 2000%

With so much focus on electric cars these days, it can be easy to forget how much money and effort is being funneled into biofuels. Ethanol has gotten a bad rap in recent years, with everyone from conservative deficit hawks to liberal environmentalists deriding it as a red herring. But a new breakthrough from researchers at Michigan State University increases the amount of recoverable energy by about 2000%.

Study: Biofuels 14x to 31x More Costly than Raising the Gas Tax

Could the cost-efficacy and net benefit of biofuels be worse than we thought? A study released by Oregon State University (OSU) economists late last year indicates that the biofuels currently mandated and under production in Europe and the United States ¨barely reduce fossil fuel use and. . .likely increase greenhouse gas emissions.¨ They´re also 14 […]

January 3rd

Green News Roundup: Monday, November 14th, 2011

With another weekend behind us, it is time to look forward to what is sure to be a busy week in the green news world. That’s because the L.A. Auto Show is almost upon us, and I will be joining Susanna Schick in the City of Angels for a number of green car unveilings. But that’s not until Wednesday. Today in the green news roundup, the electric Tron motorcycle gets a price, Bob Lutz thinks Tesla will “make it,” and cellulosic ethanol still needs to get cheaper.

November 14th

India Sees the Light, Plans to Skip Fossil Fuels

Government officials in the Indian state of Orissa have decided to bring electricity to more than 2,000 country villages by March 2012.  Normally, reading something like that would be pretty scary.  In this case, however, the news is inspiring! Why?  Because the government of Orissa will be using decentralized solar power to bring electricity to […]

September 27th

ZeaChem’s Wood-to-Ultra Cheap Fuel Process Validated

Last Summer I brought you word of the potential for ethanol made from woody crops such as poplars with a yield of up to 2,000 gallons per acre… per acre. That’s enough fuel for something like 3 average cars per acre per year. On top of that, the process could result in ethanol cheaper than $1.00 […]

April 21st

BP Could Start Selling Biofuels By 2010

As it stands right now, there are comparatively few places to purchase alternative fuels. As of 2005, there were approximately 168,987 gas stations in the United States; of those, just 2,200 sell E85 ethanol fuel. No major oil outlets have fully embraced biofuels, although British Petroleum has just announced that it may begin commercial production […]

November 6th

Video Shows How Coskata’s Next-Gen Flex Ethanol is Made

[social_buttons] On the heels of the opening of Coskata’s first flex ethanol facility capable of making ethanol from virtually any organic material, GM and Coskata have released a video (below) detailing the Coskata process. Unlike most promotional/informational videos that get dumped on the public, this one is actually rather informative.

October 28th

2,000 Gallons of Low-Cost Ethanol Per Acre Made From Wood

[social_buttons] ZeaChem — a company launched in 1998 by “two guys in a pickup” and ranked by Biofuels Digest as the 11th hottest company in bioenergy last year — claims that their process for making advanced, next-generation ethanol from fast growing woody crops such as poplars will result in a yield of 2,000 gallons of […]

July 24th

Biofuel Industry Hopes to Recover with Next Generation Fuels

Scientists know how to make fuel from prairie grasses growing on marginal land. They know how to make fuel from fast growing trees with root systems that extend 25 feet into the ground, sequestering carbon emissions and enriching the soil. The problem is making cellulosic and algal fuel in large quantities at costs that compete with fuels from petroleum such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

May 15th

Mascoma Announces Major Research Advance for Cellulosic Ethanol

Mascoma says they’ve achieved a 60% reduction in cost for their consolidated bioprocessing technology (CBP). Mascoma Corp., a well-known firm pursuing the advanced production of cellulosic ethanol, announced today what they’re calling “major scientific advances” that will enable them to produce lower cost, lower carbon fuel from sustainable sources. This is a true breakthrough that takes […]

May 7th

Liveblogging from the Advanced Biofuels Symposium in San Francisco

The 31st Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals One of the world’s most prestigious and established biofuels meetings, the 31st Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals, is currently underway May 3-6 in San Francisco, with more than 800 scientists expected to attend sessions on topics ranging from commercialization of biofuels and their long-term […]

May 5th