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Porsche Recognized For Green Tech

Stuttgart’s new Green Party mayor, Fritz Kuhn, recently paid a visit to Porsche’s manufacturing facility in Germany, where he praised the company’s recent efforts to bring clean diesels and innovative hybrids to market. Porsche proudly noted that Mayor Kuhn came by to visit Porsche within days of his inauguration. According to the Truth About Cars’ […]

January 19th

Carbon Motors Presents Police Command Vehicle With CNG Option

Remember Carbon Motors? The police car company that hoped to bring a purpose-built police cruiser to departments across the country? After their initial design was rejected for low-interest government loans, many of us thought Carbon Motors was on the outs, but it turns out the company has another card up its sleeve, the CNG-powered TX7 Multi-Mission command vehicle.

January 4th

Carbon-Monocoque Electric Bike Might Be Worth Price of Admission

If you think the twin disc brake setup of the LEAOS pedal-electric bicycle hints at the bike’s performance, you’re right. With a 36V 250W electric assist helping you push the pedals through an 8-speed Shimano Alfine gearest, this high-end, carbon monocoque bike is more than capable of blitzing through modern day traffic with (what promises to be) as much “go” as a small scooter.

December 4th

A High Carb Diet Could Be A Good Thing — For Green Algae That Is

Photosynthetic green algae have the potential to be small green factories for producing alternative fuels.  Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have shown that increasing the microbes’ overall metabolism by feeding them more carbon increases oil production as the organisms continue to grow. Getting microscopic algae to create alternative fuels is […]

July 17th

CSR Builds a Carbon-neutral Choo-Choo

Earlier this week, CSR announced plans to build the world’s first carbon-neutral locomotive. Set to run on biocoal (“coal” fuel created through an energy-efficient processing and compressing of cellulosic biomass), the train will will have the same performance and load-hauling capabilities as traditional coal-burning engines, but without harmful metals or volatile off-gasses. Check out the […]

May 24th

Kia to Focus on CNG Future

If Kia’s chief powertrain engineer gets his way, the Korean automaker will continue its push to reduce harmful carbon emissions by building its future models (like the Rio-based Trackster, above) to run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Dr. Joachim Hahn, speaking to the automotive press at the Geneva auto show last week, voiced his strong […]

March 11th

AT&T Builds Towards 15000 CNG Trucks

This past Thursday, telecom giant AT&T re-committed to its stated goal of putting 15,000 CNG-powered vehicles into operation by 2018, reaching the milestone of 5000 commercial CNG vehicles in service a few weeks ago and putting 274 CNG trucks and vans into service in Connecticut alone (the photo, above, is of Congressman John Larson and […]

February 29th

From Here to There, Which is Greener?

The longtime Gas 2 friends, contributors, and all-around awesome people over at One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) have just released a shiny new infographic comparing the carbon footprints of planes, trains, and automobiles as they make trips across town, and across the country. Despite missing some obvious “ringers” (I’m pretty sure a 150+ cc […]

October 16th

RelayRides Gets OnStar Integration, Mobile App (video)

San Francisco-based, neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing company RelayRides (founded in June 2010) has set itself apart from other carsharing networks like Zipcar and CityCarShare by giving car owners a chance to earn a bit of extra cash by participating in the company’s car-sharing business. The service installs a communications device used to lock and unlock cars […]

October 8th