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IEA Head Calls For Higher Gasoline Tax In US

Maria van der Hoeven, head of the International Energy Agency, has issued a call for the US to raise the federal gasoline tax now while prices are low. The IEA was created in response to the oil supply crisis of 1973-74, but today serves as both statistician and research guide for 29 developed nations who are […]

January 6th

CSR Builds a Carbon-neutral Choo-Choo

Earlier this week, CSR announced plans to build the world’s first carbon-neutral locomotive. Set to run on biocoal (“coal” fuel created through an energy-efficient processing and compressing of cellulosic biomass), the train will will have the same performance and load-hauling capabilities as traditional coal-burning engines, but without harmful metals or volatile off-gasses. Check out the […]

May 24th

Canada Unleashes First Carbon Tax in N. America

[social_buttons] British Columbia will be the first in North America to institute a comprehensive carbon tax on nearly all fossil fuels. It’s a groundbreaking move that could prove the feasibility of taxing greenhouse-gas emissions. Beginning July 1st, 2008, businesses and residents of British Columbia will be taxed $10 per metric ton of carbon emitted by […]

April 5th