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More Mias on the Road in Europe

Size doesn’t matter – at least, not when it comes to beauty and charm. The mia, a microvan produced in France, is the embodiment of practical and cute wrapped up in a tiny package. How Much Car Is Enough? The mia rolls off the line in Cerizay on 14” electric wheels, to the tune of […]

February 5th

Baby Got Back! New Aero Trailers Save Gas, Haul … Stuff

Mercedes-Benz introduced a new “Aero-Trailer” earlier this week, which the company claims will reduce wind resistance by 18% and improve truckers’ fuel consumption by 5%, cutting harmful C02 emissions by several tons and reducing overall fuel use (and overall fuel costs!) by millions of gallons (and dollars!) each year. The Devil Is in the Details, […]

December 3rd

EU Automakers Build Green Cars, Win Prizes (sorta)

  The EU Commission is pressuring the automotive industry to develop more environmentally friendly cars, with Brussels even instituting an award system. The EU is already offering credit for investments, to encourage auto makers to reduce the amount of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in new cars, Brussels authorities revealed last Monday.  According to current […]

July 30th

Ferrari an Unlikely Leader in the Race to Curb Emissions

While all automakers are working to reduce their products’ carbon footprint and CO2 emissions, it may surprise you to learn that Ferrari (yes, that Ferrari) is leading the charge!  The Fiat-owned company has reduced their fleet’s overall C02 emissions by 46 g/km, according to JATO Dynamics‘ yearly report on the European industry’s progress towards an […]

April 20th

UK Trucks "Go Long" for Cleaner Emissions

An independent UK study recently showed that increasing the overall length of commercial trucks could dramatically reduce overall emissions without compromising safety.  The study (available for download here) showed that a 2 meter increase in maximum length (without an increase in maximum weight) could “increase capacity for haulers transporting lightweight goods by up to 13%, […]

April 13th

Do New Fuel Economy and Emissions Rules Treat Electric Cars Unfairly?

After more than a year of wrangling, the new fuel economy and emissions standards that have emerged from the coordinated efforts of the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, all of the major automakers, environmental organizations, and dozens of various other stakeholders are truly an amazing accomplishment. As my fellow […]

April 6th

Deja Vu: Scientists Turn Pollution Directly Into Fuel Using The Sun

[social_buttons] It’s been a busy Fall for the making-fuel-out-of-pollution-using-nothing-but-the-power-of-the-sun crowd. First we heard about a company that says it has succeeded in creating a system that uses engineered microbes in reactors out in the desert to eat carbon dioxide and poop out diesel and ethanol. Next we heard about a crazy mirror-ring contraption that reaches […]

December 11th

New Facility Uses Algae to Turn Coal Pollution Into Fuel

A coal fired power-plant in Oregon has started a pilot project to curb pollution by using algae to harvest greenhouse gases and make fuel and other useful products. [social_buttons] The power plant in Boardman, Oregon, is the state’s only coal-fired facility — and also the the state’s largest single emitter of carbon dioxide. To deal […]

September 29th

NorthWestern US Outpaces National Decline In Gas Consumption

Residents of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are outpacing the national average decline in gas consumption, according to a new report by the Sightline Instutute. In the last 8 years, residents of these states have cut back by about a gallon per week, for a total gas consumption reduction of 11%. In the Pacific Northwest, gas […]

April 17th

Sandia's Next Fuel Source: Thin Air

A research team from Sandia National Laboratories is trying to reverse the combustion process and turn carbon dioxide into liquid fuel. The process works something like this: concentrated solar power from a giant solar furnace is used to superheat a set of catalytic cobalt ferrite rings that, once activated, literally rip carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules […]

January 7th

ADM to Pump Ethanol Plant's CO2 Under Illinois

What if I told you the Federal Government would be paying to experimentally inject 1 million tons of carbon dioxide into the ground under Illinois? And what if I said the CO2 would by supplied by an ethanol plant owned and operated by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)? You’d say I was crazy, right? On Tuesday, […]

December 21st